Michael Craig-Martin, Less is Still More

Less is Still More

28 April - 1 September 2013
Museum Haus Esters - Kunstmuseen Krefeld, Krefeld, Germany

The exhibition consisted of a series of seventeen paintings in highly varied formats, which were devised and painted specially for Haus Esters. They all show everyday objects that can be found in domestic settings - personal articles like a man's shirt, a woman's shoe, a bike helmet, an iPhone - along with objects that are normal items in a home: seats, a lightbulb, a padlock, a soup can. As such, the artist returned Museum Haus Esters to its original function as a residential home. With the presentation of these objects, he allowed the viewer to imagine the villa as something living and inhabited. And, in a way, that extended even beyond the interior of the building into the garden, where Craig-Martin installed two sculptures - a fork and a garden gate.

Atmospheric image
Atmospheric image